Wholesale Coffee, Beans, and Roasters Suppliers on the Gold Coast

Are you in search of the best variety of coffee beans on the Gold Coast? Look no further than Somerset Artisan Coffee. We supply beans, ground coffee, capsules, and all the tools you will need to create the perfect cup. Beans from Ethiopia and Kenya – we offer supreme roasts, and fair trade beans. We offer a few speciality blends such as Old Farm Truck, Rusty Sawmill, and Old Steam Loco. If you are interested in finding out more, then read on.

Our Coffee Beans

We have some incredibly special coffees that we are excited for you to experience. Our coffee roasters on the Gold Coast are the team from Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery. They use what we like to call “the Rolls Royce of coffee roasters” – the Brambati 60kg roaster. This high-end equipment allows us to offer you the most unbelievable coffee on the Gold coast.

  • Old Farm Truck is a medium-dark blend made from beans from Brazil, Colombia, and India. It has incredible hints of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit, and tobacco which combine to create a full-bodied coffee with an aromatic finish.
  • Rusty Sawmill is a medium to medium-dark blend that has been developed with beans from some of the finest growing regions in Eastern Africa and South America. This is an intense but smooth coffee. The deep flavours of dark chocolate, honey, and berries are delectable. With a light spicy aroma, this blend can suit all coffee-loving palates.
  • Old Steam Loco is our silver-medal-winning coffee blend created with beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia. It boasts a medium strength creamy, velvety finish for a luscious coffee experience.
  • We are also proud to have an organic fair trade coffee made with beans from Mexico and Honduras. This blend has a smooth full-bodied taste, with a delicate aftertaste of chocolate and honey.
  • Our supreme roast made with beans from Brazil and Colombia is a strong, vibrant coffee with an intense flavour complimented by its sweet, nutty aftertaste. With hints of vanilla honey, malt, and caramel, this coffee is an exquisite luxury full-bodied coffee.
  • Our perfection coffee is created with beans from Brazil and Tanzania. It has the delicious medium-bodied flavour of sweet chocolate, berries, and malt. It has a light, spicy aroma to get your morning started on the right note.

Wholesale Coffee on the Gold Coast

We are pleased to be able to sell our boutique coffees wholesale so that your café or restaurant customers can experience our incredible coffees too. We strive to work with you to ensure that your equipment is perfect in order to create top-quality coffee. We build long-lasting relationships with our local businesses and we can assist you in finding the best milk and equipment so that our coffee blends can truly shine. We also offer retail packaging should you wish to offer our coffee to your clients in a take-home package.

We aim to be all-around coffee suppliers on the Gold Coast. Your one-stop shop for everything you may need. Our ability to sell wholesale coffee on the Gold Coast extends to corporate coffee machines for offices, boardrooms, pubs, and coffee vending machines. For more information contact us to experience the coffee blends we are proud to offer.