Electric and Gas Powered Office and Corporate Coffee Machines for Toowoomba

Each week your office has a board meeting where everyone takes turns picking up the coffee. During the week, additional trips are made for everyone’s coffee fix. This wastes time, interrupts productivity and is a costly expense for your business and team members. Has anyone ever sat down and done the maths for each of these coffee runs? At $4 a cup, just five team members costs $20. At 52 weekly meetings, that’s a whopping $1,040, without factoring in supplemental trips! Surely there are better ways to spend the company budget.

Office coffee machines are popping up across Toowoomba for their convenience and economic viability. Somerset Coffee is your one-stop coffee bean and equipment supplier for Toowoomba and throughout northern QLD. We rent and sell top-quality equipment and coffee products from industry-leading brands, primarily to corporate interests for commercial purposes.

Great Taste, Reliable Machines, Astronomical Savings

Turn your employee’s lounge into the café of their dreams with office coffee machines supplied by Somerset Coffee. Stock everything you can get at your local cafe right in your office’s breakroom. One simple order keeps your office supplied with creamers, syrups, cups and tea. We even supply soft drink syrups, smoothie and frappe mixes.

Best of all, our coffee tastes great. We roast our beans through Coffee Roasters whose reputation for premium-quality coffee cannot be understated. We are committed to ethical sourcing from high-quality growing regions around the world and while many of our roasts are blends from multiple sources, we proudly offer two certified fair trade and organic roasts.

As our customers are primarily corporate and commercial enterprises, we’re capable of reliably delivering large quantities of selected roasts on schedule. While regular deliveries to Toowoomba are fortnightly, next-day and same-day dispatch can be arranged through our reputable couriers.

Somerset Coffee is Best Choice for Corporate Coffee Machine at Toowoomba Venue

You’ll be so impressed with the benefits of our office coffee machines you’ll want to fit your venue with the same top-of-the-line machines. A corporate coffee machine at your Toowoomba event venue is a sound investment. Rather than the expense of contracting a third-party company to deliver and serve your coffee for each event, you’re building infrastructure on site which can be used for years to come. Contact us to enrol in a corporate package where a commitment to large, scheduled coffee bean purchases over a contracted period renders your machine free! Choose from our selection of electric or gas-powered coffee machines depending on your setting.

Electric coffee machines require a significant amount of electricity as well as a protected water source. While a water drum or jerry can be used to supply water where a flowing source is not available, electricity is another matter. Electrical units need a power source within one metre of their installation site. A gas powered coffee machine for your Toowoomba venue’s outdoor patio is a reliable coffee supply solution. Our most popular gas powered coffee machines require only 10 amps of power (standard socket), however we do supply a manual lever machine that runs exclusively off LPG for use where no electrical source is available.