How Your Coffee Affects Customer Experience and Where to Find Commercial or Corporate Coffee Machines or an Office Coffee Machine in Brisbane

Think about your most memorable dining experiences. What made them so special? Chances are, consistency played an important role. From the atmosphere to the service to the food and drinks, you enjoyed excellence throughout the entire encounter. Your customers are no different; they increasingly expect to be wowed.

You may have heard customers sing the praises of decadent desserts or clever cocktails, but when was the last time you heard someone compliment the coffee they enjoyed at the end of their meal? Speciality coffees have become a significant focus in coffee shops around the world, so many people do not think of quality coffee as being part of a restaurant dining experience. It’s time to start changing this thinking.

Beyond caffeine

Coffee is not usually a major focus of culinary training despite its rich history—so it’s not often a key concern for menu designers, either. Modern consumers are becoming more sensitive to quality in every aspect of the buying experience. This widespread interest in quality has inspired the world’s best restaurants to work with reputable suppliers who possess the knowledge, resources, and passion to source the very best coffee and espresso products available. Even progressive corporate offices and boutique businesses are beginning to incorporate the joy of coffee into their customer experiences.

How your business can up its coffee game

By sending your customers or staff members off with a delicious cup of coffee, you’ll be giving your business the chance to deliver a well-rounded and consistent experience along with that memorable final sip. Here are the steps to take to achieve it.

  • Upgrade your equipment. Make sure your brewing equipment is modern and in good repair–and that you and your staff know how to use it properly. Improving the quality of your coffee might be as simple as using a scale to measure coffee grounds or investing in a better grinder.
  • Attend a cupping. Attend a tasting or “cupping” to learn more about coffee and the nuances of its flavour. Self-educating is a great way to bring the benefits of excellent coffee to your business.
  • Take a course on coffee. You can often find brief and affordable courses on a range of topics from brewing basics to the mechanics of espresso. Increasing your own education is a meaningful way to better educate your staff—and it will give you the passion to want to share the joy of great coffee with co-workers as well as customers.

Where to find commercial coffee machines in Brisbane

Even if you aren’t operating a restaurant, serving exceptional coffee with the right commercial or corporate coffee equipment can inspire your employees and give your clients a one-of-a-kind and extremely memorable experience. Great coffee starts with a great coffee machine.

At Somerset Coffee, we provide high-quality commercial, corporate, and office coffee machines in Brisbane along with supportive customer service powered by fellow coffee lovers. We are proud distributors of some of the top coffee machine brands on the market as well as a line of ancillary products including chai powders, flavouring syrups, bagged and loose leaf tea, frappe and smoothie products, and several other coffee delicacies. As for our coffee, we source it from the best growing regions around the world, including here in Australia and as far away as Papua New Guinea. Many of our products are organic and Fair Trade and all of them are ethically sourced.

If you are looking for an office or corporate coffee machine in Brisbane, contact Somerset Coffee today.