Somerset Artisan Coffee: Your Supplier for Commercial Coffee Machines and Beans in Ipswich

That smell of coffee when you wake up in the morning has a certain appeal that not many can resist. The majority of the population drink coffee; whether it’s for the taste or the requirement for caffeine, it’s a clear need in our society’s everyday lives. Somerset Artisan Coffee is a family-run business, operating since September of 2015, supplying coffee machines and beans in Ipswich to the commercial market. Our goal is to provide quality grade coffee and an array of different blends to suit everyone’s preferences, from Arabica coffee to AA grade Robusta for the fullest coffee experience.

The many different commercial machines and beans at Somerset Artisan Coffee

Our coffee sources come from all the best growing regions around the world such as Australia and Papua New Guinea with an assortment of beans, leaving no shortage of choices such as an African heritage blend, supreme roast, a rusty sawmill and more. We have coffee that is fair trade and organic and all of our coffee is ethically sourced, making us a high-ranking coffee supplier in Ipswich. Drinking coffee made from the finest coffee beans in Ipswich gives you the added benefit of staying alert throughout the day. Furthermore, it appears that coffee may help in the prevention of certain health problems such as stroke. It can also increase our concentration levels and boost memory.

Our store is online and supplies to businesses throughout the world. Our commercial coffee machines in Ipswich are available on a free loan basis, a rental basis and straight up purchases. We supply free coffee machines to customers who buy at least 10kg per week. However, working with Finlease you can rent or outright buy any coffee making equipment. In addition, we also supply products such as vending coffee machines to offices.

Somerset Artisan Coffee and what we can do for you

Our experience lies in the cafe and restaurant sectors and has now branched out into the corporate sector providing vending and regular coffee machines for offices or any waiting rooms and boardrooms. When renting from us, we prefer a more direct approach when it comes to the sale or rental agreement, the only thing you pay for is your rental and stock purchases. Renting for short term events also work best if you use the mobile coffee van, but we can supply rental machines and full barista kits for all your coffee needs at an event. We are a one-stop shop for restaurants and cafes, supplying whatever they need from syrups to chai powders, loose leaf and bagged teas, frappe and smoothie products. Our partnership with Coffee Roaster has benefited our company and our customers as they have many years of experience and have invested their time and money in the best coffee roasting equipment available.

All the magic happens at our warehouse five minutes out of Fernvale Qld, where we ship out our orders but also have the option for our customers to stop by and pick up their stock by appointment to offer the highest level of customer service. For any queries on our services and products, contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.