Where to Get Quality Coffee Supplies, Equipment, and Grinders in Brisbane

At Somerset Coffee, we know how important it is for you to cater to the unique palette of your consumer or clients each day. What they want today may not be what they want tomorrow, which is why coffee is so incredible. There are many different tastes your clients associate positively with coffee, and it all boils down to how you prepare and serve it. Tweak your input and you can offer your customer base a fresh set of tastes to discover.

We find that for businesses, variety is key to keeping their clients happy. That’s why we source only the finest coffee beans from both local and international coffee bean growers, from right here in Australia all the way to Papua New Guinea. We use Arabic plus AA quality grade Robusta coffee in our unique blends to give a full and authentic coffee experience to your clientele, and we take pride in our delicious blends. Our coffee supplies will satisfy Brisbane coffee drinkers, staff members, or anyone else who gets a chance to sample them.

Roasters and Other Coffee Equipment for Brisbane Businesses

Great coffee begins with a great partnership fuelled by exceptional coffee equipment. When it’s time to process our high-quality coffee beans, we employ only the most qualified and experienced roasters around. Our partner, Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery, has been roasting coffee beans for years and knows all the tricks to bringing out the rich, full flavours of a coffee bean while roasting it in their Brambati 60Kg roaster. Partnering up these professionals allow us to supply a unique and authentic coffee experience.

There are so many ways to serve coffee to the delight of your customer base. It is a beverage we all love to enjoy hot or cold, bitter or sweet, with or without foam—you can even serve it with ice cream and a straw. At Somerset Coffee, our equipment honours coffee’s possibilities.

The Fiorenzato Bricoletta, with its small stature and excellent performance for ground beans wrapped in a stylish stainless steel design, is a top-quality addition to any cafe or diner. If you are looking for something even sleeker, or want to upgrade your homebrew experience, try our Filter Jug System. This filter-free system gives you the advantage of easily preparing coffee before a meeting while maintaining its heat throughout. We also sell high-performance coffee grindersBrisbane cafes and other businesses put to good use to upgrade their output.

The Perfect Coffee for Customers and Clients

Our coffee bean packaging design has a dual function: use it to handily contain your favourite blends, or work with us to design your own signature blends to sell. We are proud to fully fulfil your coffee needs from premium-roasted custom blends to high-end coffee equipment ready for your place of work. Our staff is prepared and qualified to answer your questions about coffee and coffee equipment in Brisbane and beyond. Contact us today.