Coffee Roasters in Brisbane Brew an Unforgettable Cup of Coffee

At Somerset Coffee, we know that all coffee is not created equal. An unforgettable cup of coffee starts with superior beans sourced from growing regions around the world, followed by careful blending and roasting, and delivered fresh from coffee roasters in Brisbane into your hands.

Artisan coffee roasters started a movement to elevate coffee from a mere commodity to the level of foodstuffs for connoisseurs, similar to good wine and cheese. Artisan coffee roasters in Brisbane offer you a happy union of science and the senses. At Somerset Coffee, we combine a vast knowledge of coffee with selective tasting and blending of the coffee while roasting it to perfection.

Darren, the owner of Somerset Coffee, has been working with coffee most of his life and he’s passionate about every step required to serve a perfect cup. We make our coffee from beans harvested in the best growing regions in the world. Our artisan coffee is roasted with the best equipment and many years of roasting experience. We consider Fair Trade, organic growers, and sustainable farming in our coffee sourcing process, ensuring that you can enjoy a guilt-free coffee experience.

We don’t only serve artisan coffee at Somerset Coffee. Our coffee roasters in Brisbane can supply all the barista accessories and supplementary items you need for your home or coffee shop. In addition, we have tea, hot chocolate, and syrups. Shop for your favourite flavours now or call 07 5426 6586 to enquire about a coffee blend especially for your requirements.