Bondi Stockists and Suppliers of Chai Latte and Chai Latte Powder

Chai tea, a powerful blend of tea, herbs, and spices, has been a part of healthy living and enhanced peace of mind in India for centuries. We are honoured to be bondi chai suppliers so that we can share the benefits of chai with Australia.

How Chai Tea is Made

Chai tea is created by using a combination of spices. The most popular chai tea is made using black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, and cloves. Each of these ingredients has its own special health benefits and, blended into this delightful cocktail, chai tea is believed by many to be beneficial to your health.

We at Somerset Artisan Coffee are proud to be the creators of Bondi Chai. We have many delicious flavours of bondi chai latte, such as Club Cinnamon, Vanilla Honey, and Arkadia Chai. Each with their own special flavour combination, you will find the perfect chai latte for your palate.

We also have two special bondi chai latte powder blends that are the perfect “me time” drink:

  • Velvet Latte, is a beetroot chai infusion making for a gorgeous pink chai latte. With its natural sweetness, this blend is the perfect friendship of flavour and nutrition.
  • Mermaid Latte is an awesome, nourishing coffee alternative. An infusion of sea minerals, blue superfoods, and adaptogenic herbs (herbal pharmaceuticals) work together to create a brilliant blue latte.

Benefits of Bondi Chai

In addition to tasting delicious, chai can enhance immune system function, as well as fight inflammation. Chai also has antioxidant properties and it has been suggested that chai has anti-cancer benefits. Studies have shown that cinnamon, one of the main spices in chai, may be able to lower blood pressure. Several other studies also suggest that black tea (the base of chai tea) may contribute to lower blood cholesterol levels. Ginger is a very important root in Eastern Medicine.

Our velvet latte contains sea mineral complex, which are mineral algae that grow on the ocean floor. It is high in bioactive calcium and magnesium. The fusion of blue spirulina (a high nutrient, high vitamin seaweed powder, which contains enzymes and minerals with powerful antioxidant properties) and blue butterfly pea flower (an ancient Thai herbal plant, ground up to make matcha powder, full of potent antioxidants, has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine for its anti-ageing properties) makes this latte a vibrant blue superfood blend.

Ayurveda, an ingredient in both of our special chai latte blends, is one of the oldest holistic healing ingredients. These spices can enhance digestion and metabolism, aid in stress relief and hormone balancing, and promote better sleep and glowing skin. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can read more about these benefits here.

As bondi chai stockists, we believe that our delicious chai latte flavours can completely change your perception of these herbs and spices even if they have never appealed to you before. With our input and incredible taste combinations, you can enjoy the health benefits while drinking an absolutely delicious chai latte. To order your bondi chai latte powders, contact us and experience a new taste sensation.